If you’ve followed me at all for any period of time, you know I used to blog pretty often, and then I got into fanfic, and wrote a lot of that, too.  Whether or not I was any good at any of that-- the personal blogging, the fic writing-- is another question.  The fact was, I wrote.

For a while, it felt good.  I had online people who read and commented, who agreed or sympathized with things that I said.  I even met some of those folks in real life, and they were all terrific in their own, separate ways.  When I wrote fictional stories, people liked them.  They thought I was funny, or poignant, or smart.  And I met some of those folks, too, in real life, and they were also terrific in their own, separate ways.

At a certain point, though, I stopped.  Stopped personal blogging.  Stopped fiction writing.  Stopped.

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I've gotten a few "when are you going to finish XYZ series..." PMs lately.  I'm afraid the answer is that I don't know.  My recent move/impending divorce/blah blah blah has pretty much taken the wind out of my writing sails and I don't know how long I'll working my way out of irons, but I wanted to thank everyone who's showed interest, both for their past reading and for wanting some more.  Fandom readers are, without any doubt, the very best readers of all.
Yeah.  Still not back to feeling the fanfiction, although I am committed to go to Muskrat Jamboree here in Boston, and I have had some plot tribbles that I've committed to Google Docs.  But I am at least thinking at my RL blog.  Even if it is in (probably very bad) verse-ish form.

Aren’t all sto­ries love sto­ries, when you look under­neath?

Yeah-- I don't know what's with the fit of Sunday morning poetry, much less all the ruminations on aging and marriage. I blame it on the new meds, the new job, and the holidays. Not that I'm unhappy, mind you. Just feeling thinky!, with extra !!! for emphasis. Cross-posted at my irl blog.

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I do occasionally attempt original stuff. I posted this at my IRL blog, too. I make no promises for quality or non-maudlin, non-angsty bullshit.

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... 'cause I'm about to ruin any attempt you ever might want to make at a Pike/Enterprise Ship!'ship fic.  THIS INCREDIBLE STORY, Lensflare Lover, will ruin any pretension any of us ever have to capturing the love a Captain has for his ship with any eloquence ever.  Because THIS?  Well, just, I'm done.  I'm glad I wrote my Ship!'ship fic anyway, but I'm not even going to try writing another one.

This story will fuck you up in all the best ways.  Seriously.  It's long, but in a holy whoa! just keep going forever because I don't want to stop reading kind of way.

I've never read the story the author mentions as inspiration, but it reminds me of "The Ship Who..." Brain/Brawn stories, except better.

So ... I'm writing a Kirk/McCoy piece, one that's going to have an explicit Dom/sub theme (I won't say who's Dom and who's sub)-- and I'm interested in people's thoughts on motivation.  I've read enough erotica, porn, and clinical stuff to have some sense of the whys and wherefores, but I want to make sure I'm capturing what's in a Dom's head accurately, technical sex issues aside.  D/s is not in my personal set of experiences, and I don't want to talk out of my ass.  Here are my thoughts on motivations (either one or all happening all at once)-- I'd love to hear what you think.

1.    "Just" the simple kink thing-- some people just get off on the control, pure and simple.

2.     The gratification of seeing someone surrender control to you and feel good in the aftermath, either as self gratification ("look what I did") or as other-directed (a kind of need to be needed).

3.     It's a way of funneling one's own excess of emotion/thoughts/energy-- the need for extreme self control and the effort it takes, and turning that around onto someone else relieves some of that pressure because it requires intense focus to make sure everything's within boundaries.

4.     The domination of someone else, leading to their yielding and release, is a necessary prerequisite to the dom's own release-- they have to have someone else let go first before they can let themselves go because of the control issues they have around their own conduct.

Obviously with the last two there's a cathartic aspect.

I don't want to get into issues of being a Dom because of explicit emotional/physical trauma issues-- I just want to proceed from a point where the Dom just is minded that way, since sexuality and "deviance" and issues of personality versus pathology can distract from the whole point of this piece, which is primarily to be something kinkier than I've ever written before, while being a bit more careful about D/s conventions.

Your thoughts?


May. 12th, 2009 12:41 pm
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Welcome and howdy.  This LJ will be a host site for all my non-canon fiction for Chuck, Bones and Firefly.  I'm an unrepentant Chasey shipper, and I love the idea of a cross-over with Bones, because Seeley Booth v. John Casey is a hard choice to make.  There it is.  So look here for Chasey fics, ooc Bones fics, and slash fics I may or may not post at fanfiction dot net under the author name blc.


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