I have not used this journal actively much in the last several years, but I am still blogging and fanning at the tumblr for lettersfromeleanorrigby.  Please feel free to come find me there.  Most, but not all of the fic here, has been brought over to AO3, under the writer name blcwriter.

Hope you are well in your corner of the internet.

Reposted from my tumblr, inspired by a ridiculous picture of someone like Jim holding a kitten. AO3 link is here.

Three days, he figures— three days is a record for not mother-henning, and he’s goddamned entitled, now that it’s been that long, to go back and fuss and fume and check as much as he fucking likes. Not that the break hadn’t maybe been good for both their blood pressures.  But it was either strangle the whining sonofabitch (superhuman serum apparently didn’t affect personality, Jim was the same horrible patient as ever) or get the hell out and rely on the sensors SMA’d let him put in, that and the reports he got from the visitors he’d carefully scheduled to make sure Jim did not venture out of his apartment and catch something weird while they were still trying to figure out what the long term effects of 1) coming back from the dead and 2) Khan’s blood, may that asshole stay frozen forever, were going to be.

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Link does what it says on the tin.  I am happy to talk more about it until I am Andorian blue in the face with anyone here (or at tumblr if you're there and want to msg me), and I'll admit right now that for all my complaints, there were a lot of things that were lovely and right.

It's just, right now I can't see past Pike's death and all the sexist, racist bullshit, that and the fact that Abrams & Co. never saw a recycled storyline they didn't like to be able to really do a "Things I loved about the new movie, in depth," post.
Whoops.  There was a gifset, and Jim and Bones sassing, and then there was an idea and I kind of riffed it?

Goddamn you, tumblr.

Complete crack.  Not really writing.  But it's kind of something.


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