It's party time over at our little comm, dears.  Please go claim your prizes and pop in at the party post!  There's something for absolutely everybody, I promise!
Oh, hey, you can go vote in ship wars!  That's right!  You!  Non ship wars person!  Awesome f-list reader or lurker!  Kirk/McCoy shipper deluxe!  You can go here, read all the fills for prompt 6, and then vote in the public vote post for three fills, including Team Jones!

Please?  Pretty please?  With a puffy cheese frittata on top?
Author: blcwriter
Title: Propers Are Cold Comfort
Words: 1000
Prompt: Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone, a submission to Team Jones for voting to be its Ship Wars prompt 2 submission at [ profile] st_respect . [ profile] lindmere 's amazing The Days and Hours was the winner and you should read it right NOW, btw.
Beta: [ profile] hitlikehammers
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Disclaimer: If I claimed that I owned this, tribbles would be the least of my troubles.

"Convince yourself you're not an old man who isn't worth my attention." )
In case you missed the post at the comm... hie thee there, comment on all of the fics, and vote for three fics including Team Jones!

Author: blcwriter

Title: Like you better

Ship:  Kirk/McCoy

Beta:  lackadaisy, hitlikehammers

Rating: PG-13

Warning:  language, mentions of past sex

Disclaimer:  Not mine, and none of 'Fleet's many credits flow into my coffers.
Summary:   They'd done everything backwards, but Jim resolves to make their first date totally perfect.  Another submission for Team Jones' voting for Ship Wars.

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Author: blcwriter

Words: 998

Prompt:  First Date

Title:  Early after all

Ship:  Kirk/McCoy

Beta:  sangueuk

Rating: PG-13

Warning:  Language, SRSLY ridiculous H/C and schmoop

Disclaimer:  Not mine, even if the Ferengi think I do have the lobes for business.
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Originally posted for Team Jones, the community for the Kirk/McCoy team for Ship Wars-- but I thought I'd share with you here.  Our Chief Engineer, weepingnaiad posted this pic (see the icon that goes with this post) to bring us all cheer and inspiration. 

I was inspired.  I wrote fic.  And you, gentle reader, should be so inspired that you should ... come join team Jones!  (Yes, I'm relentless.  And a little bit mad.  Enjoy the fic anyway.)

Summary:  Jim gets glasses, but it's Bones who has a change in perspective.  the_dala, I might have made you a certain sandwich as well.

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