Bookshelf porn. I like this one, though it's more art than bookshelf. Thanks to my Better Half for the link.
Thanks to several of you who inquired so nicely about where the hell I've been, since I've not been commenting on K/M fictions or responding to flist posts.  My best friend got married yesterday, and the husband and I have been out of town since Thursday helping to organize and otherwise make it the best DIY lesbian Quaker wedding Ithaca has ever seen.  It was not only that, it was second only to my own wedding in joyful celebrations when all was said and held in the light and then done.

And now I have a crapload of posts to catch up on. 

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Aug. 24th, 2009 10:47 am
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Summer colds SUCK and now this is spreading to my chest.  Codeine makes me mentally itchy and jittery, but I'm too miserable w/out it.  I can write crack, but my editing skillz are all f*ed up.  Blargh.

On the other hand, I downloaded Harold & Kumar go to White Castle, which I've never seen before.  I had to pause it, I'm laughing so hard.
That's my official review for HP & The Half Blood Prince.

My unofficial review consists of three other thoughts.

1.   DAMN, Harry looks good in his Gryffindor Quidditch sweater.  And yes, I am squicked by myself.  He still looked good, though.

2.  Ginny was all-around awesome, but her "Shut it!" during Quidditch trials was just masterful.

3.  Is it me, or did they de-greasify Snape?  He looks way less sallow & "evil," and way more pale!emo!hero! Snape-- a good thing, in my book.

The New York Times' "On Language" Column yesterday contains a rumination on the viral nature of "Fail." God, I love teh Intarwebz.


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