PG-13, Gen, ST: AOS, Tag fic for one of the ending scenes of Into Darkness

Kirk/Enterprise, Kirk/Everyone, Spoilers for the end of Into Darkness

No, really, major, major spoilers for the end of Into Darkness.  If you haven't seen it yet and don't want to be triggered, don't read, because I'm not going to be more specific in my warnings.

AO3 version here.

He wished he wasn’t so... afraid, so confused about what-all he’d fucked up where to get to this point... )
Whoops.  There was a gifset, and Jim and Bones sassing, and then there was an idea and I kind of riffed it?

Goddamn you, tumblr.

Complete crack.  Not really writing.  But it's kind of something.
Author: blcwriter
Title: Petits Bisous (A Les Mots Justes ‘verse fic, my rpfbigbang with the amazing [ profile] sangueuk .)
Rating: PG-13. Man-kissing, feeling old, family fun times.
Summary: Set a bit in our future, after the Paris scenes in Les Mots Justes, Karl’s feeling his age, and separated by filming from Chris and the boys on his birthday. A birthday present for [ profile] sangueuk . Happy birthday, darling!

He was really, maybe, definitely, perhaps going to do yoga when he got back to L.A.. )
Author: blcwriter
Title: This love shit is work
Rating: PG-13 for language, some preparatory m/m sexual imagery
Summary: For this weekend’s [ profile] jim_and_bones ’ flash fic “FML” prompt-fest, (comm members only) for the prompt “Today, after work, I came home to my boyfriend sleeping on the couch. Feeling romantic, I started to undo his pants. My reward was him waking up and kneeing me in the eye. FML.” Bones’ voice is a bit more corn-pone/Southern Gothic than I usually write him—IDEFK where this weirdness came from.

Read more... )

Author: blcwriter
Title: Priorities
Pairing:  Kirk/McCoy, established
Rating: PG-13 (boys kissing)
Summary:  Leo's cranky about all the paperwork he left behind to go on shore leave.  Jim cheers him up.  A comment ficlet for the Daily Captain and Doctor pics (members-only) posted by the lovely [ profile] lindmere  at [ profile] jim_and_bones , because they looked too adorkably wind-tousled not to write something.

Leo's got to chase after the adrenaline junky insane kindergartners (even Spock's not exempt) that masquerade as the alpha shift crew... ).


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