The gorgeous, brilliantly talented, velvet-voiced [ profile] thalialunacy  has recorded a podfic for The Shapes a Bright Container can Contain, an NC-17 Chris/Karl RPS fic I wrote quite a while ago. 

I nearly fell out of my chair when thalia said she'd like to record the story-- and since I knew she'd trained as a singer, of course I said yes.  (Well, that and the fact that she's a genius writer and proofreader and all-around incredible person who loves these characters like nobody's business, so I knew she'd do them justice... but then, I could drool over thalia's stories forever and it wouldn't be enough recommendation.)

But the end result is even better than I could have imagined, and thalia's voice is just gorgeous.  I don't always use a beta (a flaw of mine, I just want to post when I am done with a story) and there are things here that I'd change now that I've heard the story aloud-- which is a good lesson to re-learn-- read your story aloud to make sure that it's done.  But I am so thrilled and flattered and just ... GUH at thalia's reading, and I hope you go flail all over her post to let her know how fantastic her reading is.
[ profile] sangueuk  wrote me a gorgeous angsty NC-17 deleted scene called "Cabin Fever" from the publicity tour for the movie for my birthday-- you can find and read it here at her fic journal.

Thank you, darling-- it's gorgeous!


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