The New York Times posted this Op-Ed piece about Star Trek’s 50th today and how, essentially, the franchise has become too corporate and it’s all spoilt because it’s not low-budget and fly-by-the-seat-of-its-pants anymore.

As I read the piece, all I could hear were the sounds of whiny Comic Book Guys everywhere complaining that no one was allowed to enjoy anything new anymore because it had changed over time, adapted, survived, and as all things do, evolved into something that other people than the “Original” fans could also enjoy.  (TL:DR, this op-ed is the sound of one fanboy fapping about kids on their lawn.)

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[ profile] castofone 's The Last Two Tours, a series of a-chronological K/M vignettes that take place over ten years and tell the story of Jim and Bones' coming together and love affair-- it will (SPOILER-ISH WARNING) break your heart.

Not an easy read but in my humble opinion, some of the best never are-- so very well written and so very worth it.

Edited to add:

I absolutely did not mean to say that I don't love fluffy, funny, cracky, schmoopy or other types of fics out there in fandom, and I have certainly flailed in plenty of funny, cracky, schmoopy fics others have written.  If you read this rec to exclude one of these genres as not being "the best" because they are "easy reads" by comparison, I can only say I didn't mean it that way.  What I meant to say was that I appreciate it when an author takes the hard road and tackles hard subjects, because life isn't happy and for me, as a writer, I think it's important to see all the different aspects of life addressed, happy and unhappy.  I wanted to rec the fic to others because of that very reason-- even if I am an angstwhore myself with tendencies toward the happy ending in my own personal writing.  BUT.  It's a big fandom.  There's room for lots of "best" authors in lots of different genres, and there are lots of fantastic comic authors out there.


An entirely impromptu meta discussion has erupted in comments because you all are awesome like that on the following topics:

1)  concrit: how to give it, when, why, what it is, what it isn't, and why some people just fail at it entirely

2) personal taste in what we read and how an author's real skill often has nothing to do when/why we choose to read a fic

3) issues of control and intersection of taste on our choices to read

4) writers' projection of self and personal issues into their writing

5) requests for sequels

6) sad pugging and how AWESOME it is.

So.  Discuss.

And ... rec some awesome funny fics, if you like.  Or sad pug me.  I can take it.

So ... I'm writing a Kirk/McCoy piece, one that's going to have an explicit Dom/sub theme (I won't say who's Dom and who's sub)-- and I'm interested in people's thoughts on motivation.  I've read enough erotica, porn, and clinical stuff to have some sense of the whys and wherefores, but I want to make sure I'm capturing what's in a Dom's head accurately, technical sex issues aside.  D/s is not in my personal set of experiences, and I don't want to talk out of my ass.  Here are my thoughts on motivations (either one or all happening all at once)-- I'd love to hear what you think.

1.    "Just" the simple kink thing-- some people just get off on the control, pure and simple.

2.     The gratification of seeing someone surrender control to you and feel good in the aftermath, either as self gratification ("look what I did") or as other-directed (a kind of need to be needed).

3.     It's a way of funneling one's own excess of emotion/thoughts/energy-- the need for extreme self control and the effort it takes, and turning that around onto someone else relieves some of that pressure because it requires intense focus to make sure everything's within boundaries.

4.     The domination of someone else, leading to their yielding and release, is a necessary prerequisite to the dom's own release-- they have to have someone else let go first before they can let themselves go because of the control issues they have around their own conduct.

Obviously with the last two there's a cathartic aspect.

I don't want to get into issues of being a Dom because of explicit emotional/physical trauma issues-- I just want to proceed from a point where the Dom just is minded that way, since sexuality and "deviance" and issues of personality versus pathology can distract from the whole point of this piece, which is primarily to be something kinkier than I've ever written before, while being a bit more careful about D/s conventions.

Your thoughts?
Pardon the pun.  I've been working on the finishing chapters for Five Times Jim Kirk Turned Down Propositions & One Time He Didn't (aka Bones & Jim's Big Goddamned Wedding) and "Finish Line" in the It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint series and I am STUCK.  STUCK.  STUCK.  And I'll say it once more, for good measure.  STUCK.

It sucks.

Big Goddamned Wedding-- it's going to be a bit sillier and a hell of a lot more fluffy, but I've been trying to tell the episodes through the eyes of other crew members and I can't get Chekov's voice right for the life of me.  There are parts that are great, especially the section from Scotty & Gaila's perspective, if I say so myself, but I've got the Chekov bit half done and the Uhura bit isn't inspiring me at all.  The general theme is how everyone wants in on helping to plan the wedding, but I just can't push through these last bits.  That and writing the vows. 

And Finish Line ... well, I've got the NC17 and PG13 versions of the major sex scene written (including a real sex marathon in the nc17 version) done and the beginning scenes after the two of them leave the field where they've been sitting in "The Last Hurdle", but I'm stuck.  Do I spend a lot more time making up things for them to do on this shore leave?  I am going to have them have a talk about what exactly made Jim run, and there is going to be a mini-relapse on Jim's part that Bones will h/c him through, but I'm just kind of spinning for ideas.

So I guess I'm wondering if you have suggestions for things you'd like to see in these stories, and/or if someone wants to take a look at what I've got written so far and let me know what they think-- no heavy beta-lifting needed, necessarily, but really-- I'm kind of stumped and it's bumming me out because I love these stories and want to finish them off.  (Plus, I have a bunch of other fics I'm working on and I keep getting distracted between all of them.  I want to just finish something!)

Did I mention writer's block sucks?

Thanks for all who have commented and asked for more on Running, prompting me to write Last Hurdle.  I'm working on Finish Line right now and as befitting a marathon, it's going to be longer than the last two "sprints."  Which brings me to my question.  I have a definite NC-17 slashy/ smutty smutty smutty/ romantic ending in mind (no wedding, though, that's reserved for Jim & Bones' Big Goddamned Wedding, which got a little sidetracked by this series) and that's going to get written, but I guess I'm wondering about a PG-13 ending that sort of leaves the romantic thing up in the air.

Would you be interested in seeing a PG-13 ending too? 


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