Whoops.  There was a gifset, and Jim and Bones sassing, and then there was an idea and I kind of riffed it?

Goddamn you, tumblr.

Complete crack.  Not really writing.  But it's kind of something.
So, the lovely & amazing [livejournal.com profile] emiliglia and I went to see The Avengers last night.  I've been catching up on the movies over the last few months and otherwise lurking around and enjoying the kink meme but the movie.  THE MOVIE.  It was more awesome than Thor molesting eating Pop-Tarts while shirtless.  Everyone's arc was interesting, the whole thing worked as, an ahem, whole, it was astoundingly funny, so much so that sometimes I missed what the actors were saying ([livejournal.com profile] emiliglia and I are not the only ones who had to Google what Hulk said after he and Loki had their final encounter, it seems...) and it just.  Yeah.  I'll see it at least a few more times, I think.

I also don't want to spoil anyone, not that the below will probably make sense to anyone who didn't stay to the END END of the credits, but the whole Bruce/Tony vibe the whole movie was just.  Hngh.   


Maybe? spoiler-y macros. Eh. I'm just being nice using a cut. )
I know I've been gone for a while. But a friend and I were talking, and well, I decided this needed to happen after we agreed about the general awesomesauceness of Cinna.  (And no.  I have no interest in writing him into something, although the idea of him and the Gamesmaster (Wes Bentley, pretty) is INTERESTING.)

Hohshit, it's a Lenny Kravitz macro. )


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