Just a note to note that for those wondering if I'm dead.  I am not.  But I am still fannishly void for the moment, and any writing I'm doing is still at my personal blog regarding all the blah blah blah boring "I'm depressed about money/divorce/personal life" stuff that occupies my time these days.

Thank you to those of you who have sent notes, Christmas cards, left comments on fic, or otherwise chat with me by email or contacted me on FB.  I hope you're all well, and please know my late/non-responsiveness is no reflection on you, and entirely a reflection of the spin I'm still in.  As soon as someone invents the long-term anti-waaaaaaah patch that works better than the stuff I am taking, I will buy it.  : )   Hugs to you all.
Yeah.  Still not back to feeling the fanfiction, although I am committed to go to Muskrat Jamboree here in Boston, and I have had some plot tribbles that I've committed to Google Docs.  But I am at least thinking at my RL blog.  Even if it is in (probably very bad) verse-ish form.

Aren’t all sto­ries love sto­ries, when you look under­neath?

Because almond pistou is not just a good way of using up that basil from the farmer's market wilting in your fridge, minestrone is a fantastic way to use up all those random vegetables in your drawer and cans in your pantry.  Although there is an actual recipe, here at my real life blog.
Coconut fish stew with lemongrass and basil, lime juice and cilantro, precisely.  It's nice with a chilled vino verdhe, though I bet it'd be really good with a wheat beer, a riesling or a geuwurtztrauminer as well.  At my real life blog.  Crossposting mostly because every time someone posts some kind of recipe at one of the party posts at the jim_and_bones comm at LJ, there are gajillions of comments and MOAR recipes, so apparently we are a Hungry Bitch Fandom.  Which is pretty awesome, I think.

But.  I made zucchini salad and lentil sausage soup and took pictures and posted about it at my irl blog.  Here.  Clicky-clicky.  Because you've got to eat sometime.  And really, you've read my porn.  Why not read my recipes and then poke around my blog and read all about my mental health issues? 

I just cleaned up my blogroll.  It was easier than my closet.
I do occasionally attempt original stuff. I posted this at my IRL blog, too. I make no promises for quality or non-maudlin, non-angsty bullshit.

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So, I tend to talk about real life at my blog rather than here, but yeah-- I took the summer off from being a lawyer and realized I just couldn't go back to practicing law.  But that's ok, because I'm starting work Monday as head cashier at the nearby Barnes & Noble.  I'm actually excited-- working in a bookstore, even a chain one, is something I've always wanted to do, and aside from those two magic words EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT and the benefit of being less depressed if I actually leave the house once in a blue moon, I actually have enjoyed the time I've spend waitressing and working in retail.  Being able to accomplish something concrete every day will be good.

The only downside would be, well, I'll have to be (gasp) disciplined and methodical and scheduled about finishing stories I'm currently working on.  Rats.




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