When we went to Norway, I fell in love with the simple but differently spiced food.

Of course, most Scandinavian cookbooks aren't in English, or are Magnus Nilsson's doorstop, which can make it all a bit inaccessible.  (At least until you realize it's all Irish cooking but with more dill/ginger/cardamom/caraway.) 

Its worth it, though.  Darra Goldstein's Fire and Ice cookbook has a really simple quick pickle of finely sliced rhubarb and cucumbers (these are from my garden) with grated ginger & crushed pink peppercorns.  So delicious, and really crisp & tangy.  

Because almond pistou is not just a good way of using up that basil from the farmer's market wilting in your fridge, minestrone is a fantastic way to use up all those random vegetables in your drawer and cans in your pantry.  Although there is an actual recipe, here at my real life blog.
Coconut fish stew with lemongrass and basil, lime juice and cilantro, precisely.  It's nice with a chilled vino verdhe, though I bet it'd be really good with a wheat beer, a riesling or a geuwurtztrauminer as well.  At my real life blog.  Crossposting mostly because every time someone posts some kind of recipe at one of the party posts at the jim_and_bones comm at LJ, there are gajillions of comments and MOAR recipes, so apparently we are a Hungry Bitch Fandom.  Which is pretty awesome, I think.


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