My beloved [ profile] emiliglia  has been working away on an AU bigbang in which Jim is a helicopter pilot and Bones is a modern-day trauma surgeon.  It's long, it's angsty, it's gorgeous, it's a reworking of all of their tropes in contemporary times, and Bones is a medical BAMF while Jim is his own brand of kick-ass and they both re-write their stories, both apart and together. 

It's called The Greater Good (NC17), and I completely adore it.  I hope you do too.
... and not just because I was a lucky beta and got to read this gorgeous, incredible fic as it developed and once again stand in awe of [ profile] ennyousai 's incredible storytelling skills.

Refringere, Supernatural Big Bang, PG-13 Wincest, Sam/Dean, Michael/Lucifer, with fantastic moments by Cas and the Trickster, as Sam and Dean avert the apocalypse in an S5 AU in their inimitable way.
Author: blcwriter
Title: This love shit is work
Rating: PG-13 for language, some preparatory m/m sexual imagery
Summary: For this weekend’s [ profile] jim_and_bones ’ flash fic “FML” prompt-fest, (comm members only) for the prompt “Today, after work, I came home to my boyfriend sleeping on the couch. Feeling romantic, I started to undo his pants. My reward was him waking up and kneeing me in the eye. FML.” Bones’ voice is a bit more corn-pone/Southern Gothic than I usually write him—IDEFK where this weirdness came from.

Read more... )
[ profile] sangueuk  wrote me a gorgeous angsty NC-17 deleted scene called "Cabin Fever" from the publicity tour for the movie for my birthday-- you can find and read it here at her fic journal.

Thank you, darling-- it's gorgeous!
Waiting to see if my rpfbigbang will get claimed by an artist.




Yeah.  Life is pain.

ETA:  YAY, we got claimed, by[ profile] paracaerouvoar, and also, the epic silliness of a discussion of [ profile] thalialunacy , [ profile] roflolmaomg  and I taking a road trip to Chris' house to relieve my misery and all my hopeless 80s and 90s lesbian music collection inspired [ profile] thalialunacy  to write this little ficlet, buried down here after all of the chatter.  Expand the comments above for the context at your own risk.  There are milfs, frownlines, and hair dyeing discussed.

Yeah.  I'd just read the fic, too.  :) 
For those of you who knew her and/or enjoyed her kind, generous comments on your fics, I'm sad to say that Renee, aka [ profile] easilymused1956 passed away unexpectedly on Monday, August 30. I don't know the details, much less the cause, though I do know from my correspondence with Renee that she'd had a number of health problems that she never let get in the way of her generous spirit, her wonderful support of all the writers in fandom, and the friendship and open heart she extended to so many of us.

Renee, my dear friend, we will miss you with all of our hearts.

Edited to add: While Renee was open-hearted enough to love many 'ships, the bridge crew of [ profile] jim_and_bones  will be organizing something to celebrate Renee's life. Please keep an eye out at the comms (or here) for a link.

And-- here it is.  [ profile] reneeasilymused .  A comm anyone can join and go have some fun, lalala.
Oh, hey, you can go vote in ship wars!  That's right!  You!  Non ship wars person!  Awesome f-list reader or lurker!  Kirk/McCoy shipper deluxe!  You can go here, read all the fills for prompt 6, and then vote in the public vote post for three fills, including Team Jones!

Please?  Pretty please?  With a puffy cheese frittata on top?


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