Fish recipes?

Sep. 15th, 2017 03:19 pm
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My dad is a medical studies junkie-- he uses the studies to acquire new habits, like stopping smoking, or exercising more, or doing brain games.  He's in a diet study right now that's not much out of line with how I already cook (Mediterranean-ish, heavy on fruits and vegs) but they are being very strict about fish three times a week.  (Not shellfish-- fish.  It'd be easy if I could just do mussels or shrimp or scallops for one out of three nights.) 

The problem is, I really, really hate non-oily fish.  Tuna?  Salmon?  Cod?  Monkfish?  Bluefish? Skate?  Lemme at it.  But Dad really only tolerates salmon and cod, and he can't abide fresh tuna or the other oily fishes (we both hate swordfish, IDK).  Living in Boston means I do have access to good white fish but... I hate white fish, and I'm doing the cooking, so I feel like I can be a little selfish here.  He likes mackerel, but it's very seasonal and not something we'd cook regularly.  (He also likes pickled herring but because pickled herring is an Issues Trigger for me, that's out of the question.  Yeah.  I'm making this harder for myself, I know.)  When Dad does buy white fish, I tend to cook it with lots of middle eastern spices/flavors, so that the dressing/relish overpowers the lack of flavor & texture-- but I can't drench everything in green olives and preserved lemon and parsley and oregano or cilantro three nights a week.  

Are their white-ish fishes you like that have some good flavor/firm texture and that won't kill my grocery bill buying fresh, wild caught, Whole Paycheck-style?  I am OK with halibut and arctic char, but tilapia, hake or flounder is so mushy that I can't get it down.  Striper?  Trout? Canned sardines in some kind of salad or mousse? Particular frozen fish from Trader Joe's or Whole Foods?  There's a reliable source of smoked trout that I can put on a leafy green salad with root vegs that he likes, but ... what else?  I am hoping to build a good half-dozen or more dishes so that I don't have to think too much about it, or some suggestions for old-reliable sauces and salsas that are good toppings I can make ahead.

Any reliable recipes, cookbooks, or websites you like for this kind of thing?  (And yes, I am mindful of the Monterey Bay recommendations about wild-caught, long line caught, and endangered fish varieties...)  

Thank you!

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