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Created on 2010-09-08 12:40:17 (#610980), last updated 2017-07-23 (3 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Nov 4
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
I wrote as blc on in the Bones, Chuck, and Firefly fandoms, though I don't post there any longer and will not be updating my stories there. I write here in the Trek Reboot fandom, shipping Kirk/McCoy mostly. If you check out my tags, I do write other pairings and characters too. I have been known to watch and write the occasional Supernatural and Chuck fic, but that is more rare.

I write Trek Reboot RPF fic, mostly Chris Pine/Karl Urban-- if that's not your boat, feel free not to click, but please don't be a hater, and please know that bitching about the way I characterize a story elsewhere on the 'tubes does get around. It's a small world, bbs. That thing your mom said about not saying anything if you can't say anything nice, or at least something constructive? Yeah.

I enjoy cooking, reading, writing, taking pictures and having a good laugh, even if most of the things I write are damned angsty.

What else? I'm bipolar, type 2. Feel free to PM me with questions, though it's not something I talk about here much.

I try to respond to comments left on my fics-- I don't always succeed. Please know I appreciate every comment you leave, even if I don't always get back to thank you in person.

As of summer/fall 2011, my writing and updating is kind of at a trickle due to an impending divorce and the deleterious effect it's had on my motivation to write. My apologies to all those waiting for an update on Reverse Order or other WIPs. I can't say when I'll finish.
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