Um.  I have no idea when/if I'll update my Trek fics (what do you mean, you associate all your stories with your divorce and now everything turns into the worst Mary Sues ever?), but some Avengers fic is happening at my AO3 account/page/thingy.

Here.  Lord knows, it would be the first time.  Surprisingly gen, for the moment, but Tony Stark-centric. 

Yeah.  (Hi!)
So, the lovely & amazing [ profile] emiliglia and I went to see The Avengers last night.  I've been catching up on the movies over the last few months and otherwise lurking around and enjoying the kink meme but the movie.  THE MOVIE.  It was more awesome than Thor molesting eating Pop-Tarts while shirtless.  Everyone's arc was interesting, the whole thing worked as, an ahem, whole, it was astoundingly funny, so much so that sometimes I missed what the actors were saying ([ profile] emiliglia and I are not the only ones who had to Google what Hulk said after he and Loki had their final encounter, it seems...) and it just.  Yeah.  I'll see it at least a few more times, I think.

I also don't want to spoil anyone, not that the below will probably make sense to anyone who didn't stay to the END END of the credits, but the whole Bruce/Tony vibe the whole movie was just.  Hngh.   


Maybe? spoiler-y macros. Eh. I'm just being nice using a cut. )
I know I've been gone for a while. But a friend and I were talking, and well, I decided this needed to happen after we agreed about the general awesomesauceness of Cinna.  (And no.  I have no interest in writing him into something, although the idea of him and the Gamesmaster (Wes Bentley, pretty) is INTERESTING.)

Hohshit, it's a Lenny Kravitz macro. )
Just a note to note that for those wondering if I'm dead.  I am not.  But I am still fannishly void for the moment, and any writing I'm doing is still at my personal blog regarding all the blah blah blah boring "I'm depressed about money/divorce/personal life" stuff that occupies my time these days.

Thank you to those of you who have sent notes, Christmas cards, left comments on fic, or otherwise chat with me by email or contacted me on FB.  I hope you're all well, and please know my late/non-responsiveness is no reflection on you, and entirely a reflection of the spin I'm still in.  As soon as someone invents the long-term anti-waaaaaaah patch that works better than the stuff I am taking, I will buy it.  : )   Hugs to you all.


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Just as a fandom FYI since it's come up, I'm no longer XO at [ profile] jim_and_bones.  There's no drama at all as to my taking leave of the bridge crew, but I've just got lots of stuff going on in my personal life (mild!statement is putting it mildly) and I couldn't balance the comm with work and real life.  If you have comm questions, please direct them to the jb_mod inbox, and the awesome!mod on duty of awesome will help you.
I've gotten a few "when are you going to finish XYZ series..." PMs lately.  I'm afraid the answer is that I don't know.  My recent move/impending divorce/blah blah blah has pretty much taken the wind out of my writing sails and I don't know how long I'll working my way out of irons, but I wanted to thank everyone who's showed interest, both for their past reading and for wanting some more.  Fandom readers are, without any doubt, the very best readers of all.
My story We Defy Augury was nominated for an award! This one, the best romance/fluff category in the "No Rest for the Wicked" Awards and the rest of the stories and art in the category and overall are AMAZING...

Thank you to the person who nominated me (I have my suspicions, and THANK YOU)-- and I hope you enjoy the rest of the nominees as much as I did.
My beloved [ profile] emiliglia  has been working away on an AU bigbang in which Jim is a helicopter pilot and Bones is a modern-day trauma surgeon.  It's long, it's angsty, it's gorgeous, it's a reworking of all of their tropes in contemporary times, and Bones is a medical BAMF while Jim is his own brand of kick-ass and they both re-write their stories, both apart and together. 

It's called The Greater Good (NC17), and I completely adore it.  I hope you do too.

Title:  Past, Present, Future
Author: blcwriter
Rating/Warnings: PG, family schmoop, implied secondary (canon) character death
Summary:  Comment fic for [ profile] jim_and_bones , this Daily Captain and Doctor post, members-locked comm (18+ to join).  David's exploring the family pictures-- Jim tries to explain.

Just because things don't work out in the particular moment, doesn't mean they can't work out in the future... )
Title:  Just a little longer
Author: blcwriter
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 (language), family, handholding, schmoop
Summary:  Comment fic for [ profile] jim_and_bones  for this Daily Captain and Doctor (pics members-locked, must be 18+ to join).  Bones is impatient to get to shore leave, and realizes in his impatience what "family" really means and can mean.

Jim's luck that never did quite ever run out, that and his damned stupid grins... )
... and not just because I was a lucky beta and got to read this gorgeous, incredible fic as it developed and once again stand in awe of [ profile] ennyousai 's incredible storytelling skills.

Refringere, Supernatural Big Bang, PG-13 Wincest, Sam/Dean, Michael/Lucifer, with fantastic moments by Cas and the Trickster, as Sam and Dean avert the apocalypse in an S5 AU in their inimitable way.


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