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Please feel free to friend here for the fic, you don't need to ask my permission-- just know that I write Star Trek (2009) fic and "real person" fanfiction for that movie and post those stories here, though as of Sept. 2011 I am going through a serious dry spell and a lot of my posts are more in the line of cross-posts to my personal blog and things about cooking as well as regular personal posts.  I do tag my posts and try to include some kind of story description, though you might find them whimsical.  If you don't want to read a particular story or post (i.e., some folks are squicked by RPF or could care less about my personal life) then feel free to ignore it-- it's a big fandom and your taste may differ.  That's what the scroll wheel is there for-- the back button, too. 

When I do write, it's mostly K/M and Urbine.  If you're here because of [livejournal.com profile] jim_and_bones, I'm a member of that excellent comm but no longer a part of that bridge crew.  I'll be happy to point you to the right person in that awesome group to talk to if you've got a question. But if you do stay and bother to read, then thank you, and enjoy! 
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